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02 November 2009 @ 10:22 pm
Series: Dollhouse Miami (Dollhouse/Magnificent Seven: ATF, PG-13)  

tygermama: On Febuary 13, 2009, Fox debuted Joss Whedon's new show, Dollhouse. It had been a long wait for Whedon fans. There were rumours about production delays and problems between the network and Whedon (again). A lot of people wondered why the hell Joss was working for Fox again, after the asshattery they pulled with "Firefly" (that I haven't forgiven them for and probably never will) But at long last, Whedon addicts were given their fix. (sparrowsverse: Start the dance of joy, Numfar! Browncoats, we're aiming to misbehave!)

The premise of "Dollhouse" can be squicky. People sign away all rights to their bodies for a five year term. In exchange, they are 'helped' out of some serious jam they are in, most frequently legal troubles. They are told up front that their bodies will be used by the clients of the Dollhouse, to "help" them. Their minds are downloaded and stored in a hardrive-like device called a 'wedge' and then custom-ordered personalities are uploaded. After their term, their original personality is restored and they are allowed to go free, with no memory of what had happened. An apparently 'victim-less' crime. (sparrowsverse: OOOoooooOOOOOOooooo!)

It was dark and edgy and at times light and ridiculous. ("I haven't shown you my drawer of inappropriate starches!") It had such promise. So we stuck with it. Squeeing our little hearts out and hoping to understand just what the hell was going on. (and Tahmoh Penikett running around in his jammies didn't hurt [sparrowsverse: No, it didn't!]) By the third ep (Febuary 27), Sparrow and I were already making plans for a crossover with the fandom that brought us together in the first place, The Magnificent Seven. But we decided to wait till the end of season one to start writing, so we had as much information on the Dollhouse mythos as possible. We began to write in earnest May 8. (sparrowsverse: We so called that there were more dollhouses scattered around!)

The Magnificent Seven was an Old West show about seven desparate men coming together to defend the small town of Four Corners from lawlessness. A grieving man in black, a bounty hunter with a price on his head, an ex-preacher, an ex-slave healer, a gambling conman, an overeager greenhorn and a womanizing scoundrel. The pretty is unbelievable. Who doesn't love cowboys? (sparrowsverse: *stuffs JD back into the closet* I sure as heck do!)

This fandom has spawned many AU's, the most striking of which is the ATF AU created by Mog. She brought the boys into the present for us, making them federal agents. This AU is so large it has it's own virtual seasons and many people coming into the Mag7 fandom don't realize that it is an AU, instead of a regular fandom. (sparrowsverse: That would be me!) It's great! And it's this AU we used to cross with the "Dollhouse", even though we aren't strictly Mog-compliant.

This story is the result. (sparrowsverse: And very inevitable.)

Hope you enjoy it. (sparrowsverse: Medicinal Carrots!)

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