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30 July 1984
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♣ Why The Change

Formally known as sparrowwritings, I decided this journal is gonna be a free for all. Icons, blogging, memes, fanfic, fanfic recs, whatever kinda stuff I think of and of course, all about me. ;)

My other two journals have not seen much activity within the past year or two years, so I decided I'm closing them down and squishing it all into one big journal. They'll be closed, but I'll keep my old posts still up there. But the icons shall be moved over here. :)

My other two journals were sparrow015 and sparrowsicons
About Me! ♦

I'm in my mid-twenties and have two nephews I adore! One psycho cat that's fluffy death incarnate and other family I'm not gonna mention, 'cause they're just that boring. ;)

I work for the government, but don't worry, it's not MIB-esque, unless you count my deadly filing skills!

I spend most time hanging out with friends, gaming, writing, icon making, IMing and and reading.

But that's enough about me!
♥ Writing/Icon Making

Most of my writing these days tends to be about JD Dunne of The Magnificent Seven with crazy crossover ideas, dang sparkly purple plot bunnies of DOOM! But I do dabble in other fandoms. :D

My main fandoms for writing right now are The Magnificent Seven, X-Men The Movie, Due South, The Who (bandom), The Monkees (tv show) and several other small fandoms. If you're here for the icons, well c'mon down and oogle! Feel free to grab, but don't forget to credit!
F-List/Icon Crediting Policy ♠

This journal is not 'Friends Only', I'm very free in sharing. But I do ask if you are going to friend me, drop me a line just to say 'hey, I'm so and so and friended you' etc, etc. :D

If you're here for the icons, they're there for grabbing and oogling, but make sure you credit for the icon if you'll use it. Just a simple easy step, < lj user="sparrowsverse" >, just make sure there's no spaces from < lj and sparrowsverse" >, delete that space and you'll have a shiny lj user tag. :D

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